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 The international VII Conference of "Prospettiva Persona" (10th-12th December 2008 Teramo), intends to celebrate the centennial of the birth of Simone Weil (1909-2009), as first demonstration in Italy for this great thinker of the Nine hundred.        The Congress is born from the collaboration of the CRP with different institutions, cultural centres, universities and associations of local and international circle (Are present experts from: Brazil, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Italy).

It is addressed to experts of the different disciplinary fields (philosophical, ethical, pedagogic, scientific, theological), to educators, teachers of every order and degree and students (with possibility of recognition for the updating and for the university accreditation).

The thought of Simone Weil is an important reference in the disintegration of the post-modern epoch to consider the relationship with the truth in total intellectual honesty, free from cultural, ideological and religious fences. The expectation, the attention, the relationship, the search of the truth and the testimony  are essential references for an anthropology based on shareable  values.

The original thematic choice, insufficiently explored still in the thought of the Weil, it is the "relationship among person and impersonal", a nowadays problematic knot, being the Weil notoriously against the concept and the use of the term person and, at the same time, strongly careful to the themes of the care and the obligations in the respects of every creature. We want to realize a possible complete and deep investigation  of the Weil's resources and to arouse new formulations of the sense of the way of living beginning from the analysis of the relationships, sometimes contradictory, between rights and obligations, intelligence and contemplation, rooting and eradication, political appointment and mysticism, love and justice, all aspects included in the person-impersonal dyad.

The conference foresees   * 4 thematic sessions with relative specialistic contributions   * moments of synthetic introduction of the character through DVD  * A show from the title: Simone Weil. Abysses and peaks (Directed by Redi Maghenzani, music by G. Danese) 

* The publication of the Papers (to book at the Personalist Searches Centre: by Publishing Rubbettino of Soveria Mannelli (CZ). 


 Room St. Carlo- Street Delfico - Teramo

2.00 p.m.   Arrivals and registrations

3.00 p.m.   Regards:                 

Mayor of  Teramo                 

Bishop of the Diocese of Teramo-Atri

Alderman to the Culture of the Region Abruzzo   

President of the Province of Teramo                  

 President of Foundation Tercas, Teramo                   

4.00 p.m.    First Session: Simone Weil to one hundred from the birth

thematic introduction                              

 Chairman: : Stefania Fuscagni, University of the Studies in Florence

Person and  impersonal  in the thought of Weil

Introductin of sen. Sandro Bondi, Minister of Culture of Italy

  • Alino Lorenzon, President of the international scientific Commitee"Prospettiva Persona", Rio De Janeiro                

  • Attilio Danese e Giulia Paola Di Nicola,  Directors of Prospettiva Persona

5.00 p.m.   Coffe break 

5.30 p.m.   Simone Weil: témoignage et prophétie André Devaux, chief President «Association pour l'étude de la pensée de Simone Weil »        

 6.00 p.m.   Simone Weil in the twentieth century European context                  Giorgio Campanini, University of the Studies in Parma  

6.30 p.m.      Impersonale versus personale? Roberto Esposito, Università in  Napoli     

7.00 p.m.  Personnel et impersonnel dans le travail
Robert Chenavier, President «Association pour l'étude de la pensée de Simone Weil » Paris     9.00 p.m.   Welcome Concert


9.00 a.m.    Second Session: Anthropological aspects

Chairman and moderator: Enrica Lisciani Petrini, University of the studies in Salerno
 9.30 a.m.    Personal and  impersonal in the cosmos: necessity and evil                  Paolo Farina, ISSR, Trani

 10.00 a.m.  Elettra, figure of the political, intellectual and mystical weilian commitment     Domenico Canciani, University of the Studies in Padova

10.30 a.m. Coffee break

11.00 a.m. Round Table: The social one. From the" beast" to the sacred              

  Moderator  Marisa Forcina University of the studies in Lecce 

§        Study, attention, prayer: the passage to the impersonal one     

Wanda Tommasi, University of the Studies in Verona

§         The "social beast" between prestige and strength      Hanna Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, University of the Studies in Dresden (Germany)

§         Compassion and "anonymous love" in the mythical Weil's universe  Massimiliano Marianelli, University of the Studies in Perugia

  • Roots and eradication between personal and impersonal Roberto Ricci, President of SFI, Teramo

§         The impersonal and the sacred one      Stefania Tarantino, Italian Institute of Humane Science, Naples

1.15 a.m.       Lunch break

3.00 p.m.    Third Session: Personal and  impersonal in God

Chairman: Franco Castellana, ITP, Taranto 

Moderator: Piero Coda, University Institut of "Sophia", Loppiano (FI)

3.30 p.m.       Du Dieu personnel trinitaire à l`être humain relationnel                        Maria Clara Bingemer, PUC, Rio de Janeiro

4.00 p.m.   The Baptism matter   Eric O. Springsted, Princeton University, USA

4.30 p.m.   The "Holy Friday of philosophy"   Gaspare Mura, PUL, Rome

 5.00 p.m.   Coffee break 

5.30 p.m.   De l'humanisme à la Théologie. Dieu impersonnel, Dieu personnel, Dieu trinitaire.    Emmanuel Gabellieri, UCLY of Lyon

6.00 p.m.   S. Weil and the Catholic Church   Piersandro Vanzan, " The Catholic Civilization", Rome

6.30 p.m.   Impersonality and justice in God  Giovanni Giorgio, ITAM, Chieti    

7.00 p.m.   Poetic of the supernatural  Giovanni Trabucco, FTIS, Milan

 9.00 p.m.   Abysses and peaks. Concert-Theatre for Simone Weil
                  Directed by M.R. Maghenzani and Music by G. Danese

                  San Carlo Room (Street Delfico - Teramo)


9.00 a.m.    Fourth Session: The scientifical Knowledge in Simone Weil

Chairman: Francesco Bellino, University of the Studies in Bari
Moderator: Francesco Bonini,  University of the Studies in Teramo

9.30 a.m.    Simone and André Weil: Epistemology and mathematic                     Franco Eugeni and Marco Santarelli, University of the Studies in Teramo

10.00 a.m.  Simone Weil :la matematica come  comprensione del mondo Mario Castellana, University of Salento, Lecce     

10.30 a.m.  Personal and  impersonal in music    Elio Matassi, University of the Studies in "Roma Tre" 

11.00 a.m.  Coffee break

 11.30 a.m.  Justice and economy Flavio Felice, PUL, Rome

12.00 a.m.  Justice and right   Emilia Bea, University of the Studies in Valencia, Spain               

12.30 a.m.  Evaluation and Perspectives   

Margherita Pieracci Harwell, University of Illinois, Chicago 

 Sergio Mons. Lanza, Sacred Heart  Catholic University , Rome  

Scientific Committee

Campanini Giorgio, Canciani Domenico, Castellana Mario, Chenavier Robert, Danese Attilio, Devaux André, Di Marco Vincenzo, Di Nicola Giulia Paola, Eugeni Franco, Farina Paolo, Felice Flavio, Gabellieri Emmanuel, Giorgio Giovanni, Invitto Giovanni, Marianelli Massimiliano, Ricci Roberto, Santarelli Marco, + Seccia Michele, Tommasi Wanda, Tondini Daniela, Torreggianti Claudio, Trabucco Giovanni, Vanzan Piersandro


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N.B.Will be considered proposals of communications that, to the unquestionable examination of Scientific Committee, can be inserted in Papers and published on the magazine "Prospettiva Persona".  

Directions for Lectures

Paper's abstracts (no longer than 2500 beats) must arrive us no later than 30th June in order  to translate them into English, French and Italian. If Your papers will arrive after 30th June our friends, who translate them, will not able to do it because of other working engagements.

Papers must be no longer than 25000 beats ( included blanks and quotations). If they're longer than 25000 we cannot press them.

Maybe we can publish the longer ones (max 45000 beats, included blanks and quotations) on our website ( if approved by Scientifically Committee).

S.C. will give information about this kind of publication.Naturally it's necessary for every reporters to write a short version  in order to read it during  the Congress ( you have exactly only 20 minutes).  

Presidents and moderators have totally 20 minutes every session (even though they're two) 

We cannot guarantee the publication in The Congress's Acts of your Free papers (not demanded by S.C.) but we're going to publish them ( if approved by S.C.)  in our magazine " Prospettiva persona" (submitted to its own rules: 15000 beats) and in our website ( (submitted to the S.C.'s directions: 45000 beats).